Our Vision Statement

To create a self-sustaining at-scale public cloud based on the Open Cloud eXchange model. It will serve as a marketplace for industry partners as well as a place for researchers and industry to innovate and expose innovation to real users.

RSS MOC Status
  • Kaizen OpenStack is restored September 17, 2021
    We have a workaround in place for the issues leading to the service interruption earlier today. Kaizen OpenStack is available and operating normally. We will continue working on a more permanent solution next week.
  • Kaizen OpenStack is offline September 17, 2021
    The Kaizen OpenStack environment is offline due to a controller failure. We are working to recover the service and hope to have it available later today.
  • MOC Services Available for Use August 12, 2021
    The Mass Open Cloud services are available for use with two exceptions: We expect the IBM Power 9 systems to be available no later than Monday, August 16 While Kaizen Openshift is available, we are reconfiguring the GPU which may take until Monday as well