2017 Boston OpenStack Summit

MOC at the summit

MOC talks at the Boston OpenStack Summit are as followed :

Monday 8, 11:15am-11:55 am | Cloud Dataverse: Data repository software for open clouds Hynes Convention Center – Level 2 – MR 210 video

Extra Specials from the Summit!

Student Discounts

The OpenStack Summit will be in Boston, May 8-11, and we’d like to invite university students to participate. The Summit will cover open source infrastructure and cloud computing, bringing together several open source communities, upstream developers and users to share best practices and plan for the future. There will be plenty of learning, hands-on training and networking opportunities.
The OpenStack Foundation would like to extend a special offer to students who are contributing to open source, using open source technologies in some capacity or are interested in getting involved. Suggested technologies include OpenStack, Ceph, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry or any of the organizations participating at the Open Source Days[1] at the Boston Summit. If you create one PPT/keynote slide or a short writeup (maximum of 500 words) about your experience with open source, where you would like to see it go in the future, or how you would like to get involved and submit it to
editor@openstack.org, we will provide a discount code for a $25 day pass (or a $75 week pass) to attend the Summit. We will also be choosing four submissions to give lightning talks at the Summit and receive a free pass for the week. Whether or not your submission is chosen, we would like to showcase all of the content on a public monitor lounge on-site at the Summit, as well as future writeups in Superuser Magazine[2].
The deadline to submit content is Monday, April 24th, and you can do so as an individual or partner with a peer or faculty member. Please make sure to include the following information when you submit to editor@openstack.org:
  • Name(s)
  • University
  • Current program/degree
  • Project name :

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