2018 MOC Annual Workshop & Tutorial

Thank you for attending the Fourth Annual Mass Open Cloud (MOC) Workshop, held on October 30-31, 2018 at Boston University. The MOC workshop welcomed over 150 users of the MOC, researchers, and startups interested in cloud computing, students, and industry partners.  The workshop provided an opportunity for the MOC’s growing and active community to learn about the latest MOC developments, and help shape the priorities of the project moving forward and kick-off new collaborations.

October 30, 2018 – Main Workshop

George Sherman Union
Metcalf Audtorium (2nd floor)
Boston University
775 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
7:30 AM – 7:00 PM

Agenda and Schedule 

07:30-08:00Check-in and Breakfast 
08:00-08:50Welcome and Overview slides
– Introductory Remarks –  Gloria Waters, Boston University video
– Keynote: Scaling Challenges at Two Sigma – Mark Astley, Head of Reliability Engineering, Two Sigma Investments slides  video
– Overview of the Day – Orran Krieger, BU/MOC, and Peter Desnoyers, NEU/MOC slides
8:50 – 10:25Micro-talks: What’s Coming on the MOC
MGHPCC: A Platform for Collaboration – Jim Culbert, MGHPCC slides  video
The Next Iteration of the MOC – Lars Kellogg-Stedman, Red Hat slides  video
Intel’s Data Management Platform @MOC – Dave Cohen, Intel slides  video
Cisco: Multi-cloud services for the MOC and its users– Michael Shepherd, Cisco slides  video
Harvard Dataverse and the MOC – Mercè Crosas, Harvard University slides  poster  video
Using the Mass Open Cloud to perform Data Science Experiments – Sherard Griffin, Red Hat slides  video
Looking towards the computing horizon: A Northeast Cyberinfrastructure Lab – Wayne Gilmore, Boston University & Scott Yokel, Harvard University slides  video
Q&A Panel – Moderated by Orran Krieger, BU/MOC
10:25 – 10:55Break
10:55-12:05Micro-talks: Research in an Open Cloud
Working on an Open Cloud: Red Hat Collaboratory Projects on the Mass Open Cloud – Hugh Brock, Red Hat slides  video
Logging What Matters: Presenting Pythia and Just-in-Time Instrumentation – Emre Ates, BU & Lily Sturmann, BU/Red Hat slides  poster  video
The workflow motif: A powerful abstraction for debugging distributed applications– Mania Abdi, NEU/MOC & Golsana Ghaemi, BU/MOC slides  poster  video
D3N: A multi-layer cache for improving big-data applications’ performance in data centers with imbalanced networks– Matt Benjamin, Red Hat; Emine Ugur Kaynar, BU/MOC & Ali Marieda, Red Hat slides  video
Bump-in-the-Wire FPGAs and HPC in the Cloud  Ahmed Sanaullah, BU
– Q&A Panel – Moderated by Peter Desnoyers, NEU/MOC
12:05 – 1:05Lunch & Networking  – Special thanks to Two Sigma for sponsoring this year’s MOC Workshop lunch!
1:05 – 1:20Lunch & Viewing of ChRIS Project Videos
During the final 15 minutes of lunch, we will share videos on the ChRIS project.
1:20 – 2:35 Micro-talks: Elastic Hardware and Security
Creating Isolation in the Cloud – Nabil Schear, MIT Lincoln Laboratory slides  video
Malleable Metal: Integrating San-booting with Foreman – Naved Ansari, BU/MOC & Ian Ballou, BU/MOC slides  video
Agentless Bare-Metal Introspection – Apoorve Mohan, NEU/MOC slides  video
The Security in Elastic Secure Infrastructure– Amin Mosayyebzadeh, BU/MOC slides  poster  video
Strong Isolation, Verification, and Control in Future Public Clouds – Rushi Patel, BU
FLOCX: Enabling marketplace at the bottom of the cloud – Sahil Tikale, BU/MOC slides  video
Q&A Panel – Moderated by Orran Krieger, BU/MOC
2:35 – 3:40Micro-talks: Research on an Open Cloud
Medical Image Processing on the MOC with ChRIS and OpenShift – Dan McPherson, Red Hat & Rudolph Pienaar, Boston Children’s Hospital slides  video
Secure Multi-Party Computing in the Cloud – Ben Getchell, BU slides  demo  video
A demonstration of adapting HW to SW needs for network workloads – Han Dong, BU poster  video
A Unikernal based on Linux – Ali Raza, BU & Parul Sohal, BU slides  video
FaaS: Think Outside the Container – Tommy Unger, BU slides  video
Q&A Panel – Moderated by Pater Desnoyers, NEU/MOC
3:40 – 4:10Break
4:10 – 4:55Roundtables (Attendees will pick one to attend)
Future Research Opportunities in the MOC – facilitated by Ayse Coskun, BU; Raja Sambasivan, BU & Mayank Varia, BU Link to Cloud Research Roundtable Notes
Data Science and the MOC – facilitated by Merce Crosas, Harvard University & Sherard Griffin, Red Hat Link to Data Science Roundtable
Looking towards the computing horizon: A Northeast Cyberinfrastructure Lab – facilitated by John Goodhue, MGHPCC & Scott Yokel, Harvard University Link to NECI Lab Roundtable Notes
4:55 – 5:10Break  (Roundtable leads prepare report outs)
5:10 – 5:30Roundtable Report Outs
5:30 – 5:40Closing Remarks
5:40 – 6:45Reception – Special thanks to Red Hat for sponsoring this year’s MOC Workshop reception!

October 31, 2018 – Tutorials and (Invitation-Only) Meeting of the MOC Academic Advisory Board and Core Partners


Special Meeting of the Academic Advisory Board and Core Partner Executives

8AM – 1PM
Invitation only
Location: Center for Integrated Life Sciences and Engineering, 610 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA 02215

Tutorial Sessions 

09:00-09:55Open DataHub – Sherard Griffin, Red Hat
10:00-10:55OpenShift led by Robert Baron, BU/MOC and Dan McPherson, Red Hat
11:00-11:55OpenStack led by Hannah Gibson, Red Hat


Hariri Institute for Computing
111 Cummington Mall
Seminar Room (in suite 180)
Boston, MA 02215

In Advance of the Tutorial

Sign up for an MOC account here.

If you are interested in learning more before the Tutorials (NOT required)

Only if you want, take a look at the “Getting Started” part of the wiki, to review what will be covered during the OpenStack tutorial:

Three sessions will be offered back-to-back in the same room.  You are welcome to come attend as many of the sessions as you’d like and you are welcome leave and return.

Session Descriptions and Materials

Open DataHub: The Mass Open Cloud and Red Hat have partnered up to provide the Open Data Hub, an open source AI as a Service platform.  Users will access the Data Hub for artificial intelligence and machine learning research.  In this tutorial you will learn how to upload data to the Data Hub, use JupyterHub to create models using machine learning libraries, and store the results.

MOC OpenShift: OpenShift offers users a self-scaling container platform with support for anything that can be containerized including web frameworks, databases, and messaging queues. In seconds, one can spin up new containers along with rich continuous integration/deployment capabilities built in. This tutorial will introduce you to the essentials of the OpenShift offering that’s been available in the MOC for the past year.  OpenShift Tutorial slides

OpenStack: The MOC offers an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering based on OpenStack, providing users with self-service access to virtual machines, object storage, and on-demand Big Data environments (Hadoop, Spark, Pig etc.). This tutorial will show you how to get started using this environment.

The MOC Workshop is made possible by the generosity of our Core Partners

Please continue to check this page for updates.  To add your name to the MOC Workshop Mailing list either register or email Jennifer Stacy.

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