2024 MOC Alliance Workshop Agenda

The 2024 MOC Alliance Workshop will be live streamed from the MOC Alliance YouTube Channel.

Livestream Links:

Day 1: https://youtube.com/live/OZnJsUh9Bp8?feature=share

Day 2: https://youtube.com/live/8lxqrEglCFs?feature=share

Wednesday, February 28

Session 1: AI and the AI Alliance

9-9:20 am: Gloria Waters and Orran Krieger – Event Kickoff 

9:25-10:10 am: Jeremy Eder – The AI Alliance and an Opportunity for the MOC

10:15-10:40 am: Sanjay Arora, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat Research – Learned Software Systems

10:45-11 am: Break and Networking Time

11-11:25 am: Eshed Ohn-Bar, Assistant Professor, Boston University – Scaling Systems with Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time: The Co-Ops Project 

11:25- 11:50 am: Ellen Grant, Professor, Harvard Medical School, and Rudolph Pienaar, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School – AI for Medicine and Radiology on NERC 

11:50 am-12:25 pm: Dave Palaitis, Managing Director, Head of Investment Platform Engineering, Two Sigma Investments – Fourth Generation Compute @ Two Sigma

12:30 – 2 pm: Lunch Break

Session 2: Marriage of Data and Compute

2-2:25 pm: Larry Rudolph, Distinguished Fellow, MOC Alliance, Research Scientist, Two Sigma – The Benefits of Sharing and Collaboration in the MOC 

2:25-2:45 pm: Wayne Gilmore, Director, Research Computing Services, Boston University, and Emre Keskin, University Research Data Officer, Harvard University – The Building Blocks of Cloud—Research Enablement

2:45-3:10 pm: Stefano Iacus, Senior Research Scientist, Director of Data Science and Product Research, IQSS – Harvard – Bringing the data close to the compute at Harvard Dataverse

3:10-3:40 pm: Break and Networking Time

3:40-4 pm: Rory Macneil, CEO, Research Space – The Norwegian Research Commons: A model for NERC?

4-4:25 pm: Mark Roth, Managing Director of Metadata at Two Sigma Investments, LP – Memento: Why Good Artifact Naming Matters 

4:25-4:45 pm: Matt Benjamin, Engineering Manager, IBM, and Amin Mosayyebzadeh, PhD Candidate, Boston University – D4N: A Community Cache for an Open Cloud 

4:45-5: Closing Remarks

6:30 – 9 pm: Reception – Center for Computing & Data Sciences, Room 1750 (17th Floor)

Thursday, February 29

Session 3: Open Cloud

9-9:35 am: Jon Stumpf, Strategic Coordinator, MOC Alliance – A Vision for an Open Cloud 

9:35-10:05 am: Kristi Nikolla, Senior Software Engineer, MOC Alliance – Building the Services Powering the Open Cloud

10:05-10:30 am: Naved Ansari, Senior Software Engineer, MOC Alliance, Tzu-Mainn Chen, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat, and Hakan Saplakoglu, Software Engineer, MOC Alliance –  ESI: Details, Status, and Switch Management Tool 

10:30-10:45 am: Adam Belay, Associate Professor, MIT CSAIL – Transforming Production Cloud Workloads into Realistic System Benchmarks

10:45-11 am: Break and Networking Time

11 am-11:35 pm: Emmanuel Cecchet, Senior Research Fellow, UMass Amherst – CloudLab on ESI 

11:35- 12:10: Peter Desnoyers, Associate Professor, and Isaac Khor, PhD Candidate, Northeastern University – LSVD: Elastic Storage on the Gateway

12:10-12:30 pm: Christopher Simmons, Deputy Executive Director, MGPHCC – Getting Started with the Open Storage Network

12:30-2 pm: Lunch Break

Session 4: Operations and Discussions

2-2:10 pm: Jon Stumpf, Strategic Coordinator, MOC Alliance and John Goodhue, Executive Director, MGHPCC – Governance and Partnerships 

2:10-2:20 pm: Christopher Simmons, Deputy Executive Director, MGHPCC and Milson Munakami, Lead Cloud Engineer, Harvard University – Fostering Cloud Adoption Using a Community-Driven Approach

2:20-2:30 pm: Michael Zink, Professor, UMass Amherst and Heidi Dempsey, Research Director, Northeast, Red Hat Research – Back to the Future Systems Research

2:30-2:40 pm: Danni Shi, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat Research, Jonathan Appavoo, Associate Professor, Boston University – OPE and Education on NERC

2:40-3:30 pm: Discussion Group Time (Questions from each of the three main areas,
plus the four from this section)

3:30-3:45 pm: Break and Networking Time 

3:45-4:45 pm: Report Out (5 minutes per conversation and Q&A)

4:45-5 pm: Closing Remarks  

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