Vision and Goals

The Mass Open Cloud (MOC) is a production public cloud being developed based on the model of an Open Cloud Exchange (OCX), a model where many stakeholders, rather than just a single provider, participate in implementing and operating the cloud. Hosted at Boston University and housed at the Hariri Institute for Computing, the project is a unique collaborative effort between higher education, government, non-profit entities, and industry.

The primary goals of the project are:

To create an inexpensive and efficient at-scale production cloud utility suitable for sharing and analyzing massive data sets and supporting a broad set of applications.
To create and deploy the OCX model, enabling a healthy marketplace for industry to participate at all levels in the cloud and profit from doing so.
To create a testbed for research in and prototyping of cloud technology, empowering a broad community of researchers, open source developers and companies to develop new cloud computing technologies.

These goals are not independent, but reply on each other. Only a production cloud with a customer base and a revenue stream that covers its costs can grow to sufficient size to enable the issues of scale that will drive sufficient size to enable the issues of scale that will drive reaserch, new technologies and enable full exploration of the OCX model. New innovation in cloud depends on having real users, with real workloads and data sets. The OCX model empowers a broad community of companies and reaserchers to participate to expose their innovation and profit from use of their technology.