Affiliated Projects and Programs

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We support scientists that rely on software for research computing in a variety of disciplines by providing a tested and refined software infrastructure that includes a large library of scientific applications.

ChRIS Project

The ChRIS project brings advanced medical-based computation to where it is needed most—clinicians and researchers—by leveraging the power of cloud computing. ChRIS can be thought of as a powerful interface to a variety of computing platforms and orchestrators: from slurm/HPC, to docker swarm, to kubernetes and OpenShift. The same ChRIS application runs unchanged on all, and all are managed by the same ChRIS UI (both web-based and command-line). ChRIS strives to allow medical analytics, AI processing and deep computation to make a difference in patient’s lives.


Colosseum is a wireless emulator with 256 programmable software radios. It enables academic, government, and industry researchers to perform scalable and repeatable experimentation in wireless systems in a large-scale emulation environment.

The Dataverse Project is an open source web application to share, preserve, cite, explore, and analyze research data. It facilitates making data available to others, and allows you to replicate others’ work more easily. Researchers, journals, data authors, publishers, data distributors, and affiliated institutions all receive academic credit and web visibility.

i-scale (NSF IUCRC)

The Center for Systems Innovation at Scale (i-Scale) is a partnership between academia and industry to explore the unique challenges of computing systems at large scale, across software, networking, and hardware layers. i-Scale researchers seek answers to problems of pre-competitive research which are relevant to our industrial partners, often collaborating directly via open-source partnerships.

New England Research Cloud (NERC)

The vision of the New England Research Cloud (NERC) is to create a regional resource, rich with world-class cloud computing services. We are building a common cloud framework that is tailored for data-driven discovery and will be available to many institutions in New England. 


NESE is the Northeast Storage Exchange, a shared regional storage collaboration funded by the National Science Foundation and operated as a long term partnership between Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern University, UMass and MGHPCC. Our main goals are to meet the storage needs of the data revolution for science, engineering, education and technology, particularly for researchers in the northeastern part of the U.S.

Open Cloud Test Bed (OCT)

The NSF “Open Cloud Testbed” (OCT) project will build and support a testbed for research and experimentation into new cloud platforms.Testbeds such as OCT are critical for enabling research into new cloud technologies – research that requires experiments which potentially change the operation of the cloud itself.

Open Storage Network

The Open Storage Network (OSN) supports science and scholarly research that requires data storage and transfer at scale, by simplifying and accelerating access to data that is in active use by ongoing research projects. The OSN places particular emphasis on large data (hundreds of terabytes) sets that are often difficult to share, and long tail data sets that are often difficult to find and access.  

Open Infra Labs (OI Labs)

OpenInfra Labs (OI Labs) is the new effort established in partnership with OpenStack Foundation and Mass Open Cloud. OILabs is created with the goal to expand the existing community and simplify and standardize how different institutions deploy and operate open source cloud infrastructure and cloud native software.

Operate First

With Operate First we will utilize open source production cloud environments to allow developers to evaluate their functionality as well as operability, at scale with real world workloads. Developers can evaluate quality, performance and scale, using open source software in an open source production cloud environment, catching issues, ensuring scale and improving operations as we go.

Red Hat Collaboratory at BU

Red Hat Collaboratory at BU is a partnership between Red Hat and Boston University, the Red Hat Collaboratory connects BU faculty and students with industry practitioners working in open-source software communities. Look at our website to know more about our projects and programs.

Red Hat Research

Red Hat Research connects Red Hat engineers with professors, researchers, and students to bring great research ideas into open source communities.

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