OpenInfra Labs (OILabs)

OpenInfra Labs (OILabs) is the new effort established in partnership with the OpenStack Foundation and Mass Open Cloud. OILabs is created with the goal to expand the existing community and simplify and standardize how different institutions deploy and operate open source cloud infrastructure and cloud native software. Initially, OILabs will prioritize the needs of the MOC and NERC environments. Longer term the goal is to see more organizations globally (especially in the academic and research space) stand up multiple consistent clouds that can enable hybrid and federated use cases.  If you are building or operating open source based clouds and would like to help standardize the process for creating them, we invite you to get involved and participate in OpenInfra Labs today!

A great place to see the direction OILabs is heading as we define the environment which will become the MOC and the NERC is at is where we have begun defining Epics and User Stories is where we are gathering examples of monitoring and dashboards is where the web site will be based. 

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