MOC Alliance Announces its First Distinguished Fellow Larry Rudolph

We are excited to announce Larry Rudolph as the first Distinguished Fellow of the Mass Open Cloud Alliance (MOC Alliance). Larry has had a significant influence on the MOC since its inception, pushing the project to adopt unique values and strategies that would be of benefit to both industry and the academic research community.  The evolution of the MOC to the MOC Alliance, with strong involvement of institutional resources, is a testament to Larry’s contribution. As a researcher and professor, Larry has been deeply involved and co-advised students in the research that resulted in two core elements of the MOC, the Elastic Secure Infrastructure and the model of extending a data lake with caching across the datacenter. Larry was previously a tenured full professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a full-time faculty member at MIT and Carnegie Mellon. Currently, he is also a principal research scientist at MIT and Boston University, a visiting professor at NYU, and a Vice President at Two Sigma.


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