MOC User Survey: Action Requested

The following message is for all users of the MOC.

Due to the success of the MOC, Boston University and Harvard University are creating a production cloud service, the New England Research Cloud (NERC), supported by the professional Research Computing Services staff from those universities.  We expect that this production service will enable a significant community of users that do not have the technical skills to use the existing, unsupported MOC service and/or were unwilling to assume the risk of using an experimental service.   Our plan over the summer is to focus the larger MOC and NERC team and our collective hardware resources on tasks needed for launching NERC.   In order to minimize disruption during this period, and to understand the needs for the future NERC platform, we are asking existing users to complete the following survey (link below). 

Due to this work, the resources available to the existing MOC OpenStack and Open Shift environments will be significantly reduced, there will be periods of downtime, and we hope by the end of the summer to entirely decommission some of the MOC clusters. 

By Thursday May 21 – Please fill out one survey for each OpenStack or OpenShift project for which you currently use the MOC (so if you are using it for three projects, you will fill it out three times).  If you have many projects and the form is too cumbersome, please email Jennifer Stacy,, and she will send you an excel spreadsheet version.

The short link the survey is here:

As always, if you find projects or other MOC resources you are no longer using please delete them. 


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