Current work on Cloud Dataverse

-by Anuj Thakur This blog talks about the work that is going on the Cloud Dataverse project. The Cloud Dataverse is the Dataverse installation on MOC OpenStack VM. This installation has the capability to harvest metadata and replicate the data files from a OAI Set of any Dataverse installation. To do so you need to […]

Cloud Dataverse

–  by Anuj Thakur Background: First, some clarification of terms: Dataverse Installation: This is an installation of the Dataverse software, that is a dataverse site serving as a data repository A dataverse: A container of datasets. This is an object that has some a minimal set of metadata and can contain datasets or other dataverses. […]


-By Anuj Thakur What is Cloudlet? To state in very simple terms Cloudlet acts as the middle-tier between the Mobile and Cloud. This allows the mobile application’s computation which was earlier done on the cloud to be done on the cloudlet. What is the difference between Cloud and Cloudlet? Cloudlet as opposed to a Cloud […]


– By Anuj Thakur Introduction: Ironic is an OpenStack project which provisions physical hardware as opposed to virtual machines. Ironic provides several reference drivers which leverage common technologies like PXE and IPMI, to cover a wide range of hardware. Ironic’s pluggable driver architecture also allows vendor-specific drivers to be added for improved performance or functionality […]