December 2017

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April 14, 2017

Four of the proposed talks from the MOC had been accepted to the Boston OpenStack Summit. They are

  • Monday 8, 11:15am-11:55am Cloud Dataverse: Data repository software for open clouds
  • Monday 8, 3:40pm-4:20pm, MOC Simple GUI – AN “and” to OpenStack Horizon
  • Wednesday 10, 11:00-11:40am, When Dataverse meets OpenStack…
  • Wednesday 10, 4:30pm-5:10pm, Per API Role Based Access Control

February 14, 2017 …Update:

It is a feeling of great happiness to welcome our student /colleague back to his home here in Boston!

February 2, 2017

Since last Friday, as the world has scrambled to understand and respond to an executive order titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States,” the Massachusetts Open Cloud has been grappling with the direct and immediate impacts on the MOC community. A member of our community was traveling abroad when the executive order was signed; as a result, this colleague is unable to return the United States indefinitely.

The implications of this are real. This student (due to the legal nature of this issue, we are not including a name), is blocked from working on a PhD research project, a joint project with several of our industry and university partners. The impact is personal as well as professional, as the student is currently barred from an apartment, possessions, and an entire life here in the United States.

The MOC community is working to address the situation with our colleague in whatever capacity it can. At the moment, there is very little that is certain, but we do know that this is having a very disruptive and damaging impact on our colleague and impacting the research plans of the MOC. More broadly, the events of this past weekend are counter to the vision and ideals of the MOC and the broader academic community.

For more on how the executive order is being addressed by each of the MOC academic partners, visit the links below:


Orran Krieger                                                            Peter Desnoyers                                                                     Piyanai Saowarattitada

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