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Professor Cooperman works in high-performance computing and scalableapplications for computational algebra. He received his B.S. from U. of Michigan in 1974, and his Ph.D. from Brown University in 1978.He then spent six years in basic research at GTE Laboratories. He came to Northeastern University in 1986, and has been a full professor since 1992. He has graduated 10 PhD students and has co-authored a hundred refereed publications. In 2014, he was awarded a five-year IDEX Chair of Attractivity at the University of Toulouse Capitole 1, and LAAS-CNRS. Since 2004, he has led the DMTCP project (Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing), one of the most widely used checkpointing systems.. Prof. Cooperman also has a 15-year relationship with CERN, where his work on semi-automatic thread parallelization of task-oriented software is included in the million-line Geant4 high-energy physics simulator. His current research interests especially include studying the limits of transparent checkpoint-restart. Some current domains of interest are: supercomputing, cloud computing, engineering desktops (license servers, etc.), virtual machines, GPU-accelerated graphics, cloud management, big data (e.g., Hadoop/Spark), and GPGPU computing.

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