The MOC integrates a production datacenter within a research environment. This unique blend gives researchers the power to collect and utilize cloud-usage data that most cloud providers do not collect or explicitly hide (e.g., due to competitive reasons).  The goal of this working group is to leverage this unique opportunity to understand how to simplify and automate the tasks today’s cloud operators find most difficult or expensive. These include, but are not limited to, detecting and diagnosing problems, ensuring security and privacy, reducing power utilization, and brokering.

Key Working Group Topics

  1. Monitoring & tracing: What data needs to be collected to help admins, devops teams, and tenants with important operational tasks?  How can this data be collected in production settings without incurring noticeable overhead?
  2. Diagnosis: What techniques, such as those that use machine learning, statistics, or queueing theory, can be used to automate diagnosis tasks and automatically put in place fixes?
  3. Brokering: What mechanisms are necessary to help tenants and infrastructure providers choose the best compute, storage, and networking resources for their needs?
  4. Data sharing (cross cutting with the above areas): How can tenants and providers share information to help with operational tasks?
  5. Security & Privacy: What mechanisms are necessary to keep cloud providers from learning too much about tenants’ applications?


Meetings are held every Thursday at 9 am eastern over GoToMeeting.  Meetings are devoted to two topics.  The first is the existing monitoring and tracing infrastructure at the MOC and how to improve it.  The second is an exploration of what working group members (both from academia and industry) are working on.  Members have access to a Google Drive folder with various resources, including past meeting minutes and a list of papers of interest to the the group.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Raja Sambasivan <first initial.r.last>.

Working Group Members

  • Co-lead: Raja Sambasivan (BU)
  • Co-lead: Alina Oprea (Northeastern)
  • Emre Ates (BU)
  • Ayse Coskun (BU)
  • Rodrigo Fonseca (Brown)
  • Rick Friedman (Cycle Computing)
  • Ravi Gudimetla (Red Hat)
  • Laura Kamfonik (BU)
  • Ashish Kamra (Red Hat)
  • Scott Kelso (Lenovo)
  • Ugur Kaynar (BU)
  • Orran Krieger (BU)
  • Peter Portante (Red Hat)
  • Lily Sturmann (BU)
  • Shuwen (Jethro) Sun (BU)
  • Ozan Tuncer (BU)
  • Ata Turk (BU)
  • Da Yu (Brown)


Last Modified on March 30, 2017
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