Chris Hill

Chris Hill specializes in Earth and planetary computational science. He is interested in the application of large-scale computation to all aspects of understanding Earth and planetary systems. He was a founding developer of the M.I.T. General Circulation Model (MITgcm), a numerical simulation tool used for a wide range of basic science and applied studies in […]

Software Grant and Corporate Contributor License Agreement

Mass Open Cloud Software Grant and Corporate Contributor License Agreement (y r201503) Based on the Apache Software Company Software Grant and Corporate Contributor License Agreement (v r190612) Thank you for your interest in Mass Open Cloud Project (the “Project”). In order to clarify the intellectual property license granted with Contributions from any person or […]

U.S. Government Contributor License Agreement

Mass Open Cloud (MOC) U.S. Government Contributor License Agreement (y 201503) Based on OpenStack Corporation U.S. Government Contributor License Agreement In order to clarify the intellectual property license granted with Contributions from any person or entity, the Mass Open Cloud Project (the “Project”) must have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) on file that has […]

Rajiv Shridhar

Biography Rajiv Shridhar is the director of systems and research infrastructure in Northeastern University’s Information Technology Services division, where he oversees the design and delivery of highly resilient infrastructure services, including data centers, servers, storage, client systems and messaging/collaboration services.  He played a key role in Northeastern’s involvement in developing the Massachusetts Green High Performance […]

Tracy Schroeder

Biography Tracy Schroeder joined Boston University as Vice President of Information Services and Technology in July 2009. In that capacity she has responsibility for networking and telecommunications, systems infrastructure, communication and collaboration services, enterprise information systems, teaching and learning technologies, research computing, information security, and client computing support. While at BU, Tracy has worked to […]

Keith Moran

          Biography Keith Moran is the CTO of the University of Massachusetts President’s Office. He is responsible for the technical aspects of the university’s centralized shared services platforms. His responsibilities include mission critical applications in the areas of finance, HR/payroll, student systems, business intelligence, web presence, desktop, helpdesk, email etc. He […]

John Goodhue

Biography John Goodhue is a business and technical leader with 30 years experience in networking and high performance computing. He has held senior engineering management, general management, and technology leadership positions at established organizations such Cisco and BBN, and has been on the early management teams for several startup companies. John holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the […]

Glenn Bresnahan

          Biography Glenn Bresnahan is Strategic Projects Lead for Research Computing Services within Boston University’s Information Services and Technology. Prior to his current role, Bresnahan served as Executive Director of Research Computing Services and Director of Scientific Computing and Visualization, a group founded by Bresnahan in 1988 to support research computing University-wide. Previous positions […]

Azer Bestavros

          Biography Azer Bestavros is a Professor in the Computer Science Department at Boston University, which he joined in 1991 and chaired from 2000 to 2007. He is the Founding Director of the BU Hariri Institute for Computing, which was set up in 2010 to “create and sustain a community of scholars […]

Minying Lu

          Biography Minying Lu is a senior in Computer Engineering department and an intern of MOC since February 2015. She is part of Keystone to Keystone Mix and Match Federation project and works on Tempest(OpenStack test suit) related tasks and virtual Hadoop cluster provisioning on OpenStack. She is also a contributor […]