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Thorsten Schwesig

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat


Engineering, Community


Active Member

Projects and Programs

NERC, Operate First, Red Hat Collaboratory, Red Hat Research, Mass Open Cloud, MOC Alliance


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I'm engaged in the Red Hat Research team and contributing to NERC. I channel my expertise toward fostering collaborations, driving innovation, and bridging skill gaps for research teams and projects.

Previously, I held diverse roles, e.g., community architect, at the Operate First project. This initiative aligned with the MOC Alliance's mission to advocate modern operational practices and foster the uptake of cloud-native technologies.
I've successfully implemented complex systems for companies. My main goal was always to ensure everything followed regulations and streamline workflows using automation. I'm really passionate about metrics and finding ways to simplify things.

I'm always learning and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry. I love collaborating with others and sharing knowledge. So, if you're working on exciting tech projects, let's connect and see how we can work together to create excellent and efficient solutions!

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