More info on Deep dives and Micro-talk

Day 1

11:30-12:30Micro-talks I
The Open Cloud FPGA Testbed – Supporting Research on Emerging Datacenter Configurations – Martin Herbordt, BU, and Miriam Leeser, NU – slidesvideo
Programming FPGAs – The Open Source Way – Ahmed Sanaullah, Red Hat – slidesvideo
Leveraging Distributed Research Cloud Infrastructures for Domain Science Research and Experimentation – Anirban Mandal, RENCI – slidesvideo
Strategic Management of Shared Cloud Resources –  Jonathan Chamberlain and Zhenpeng Shi, BU–slidesvideo
Secure and Customized Hypervisor with Qemu – Daniele Buono, IBM – slidesvideo

4:30-5:30 PMMicro-talks II – Testbeds and Deployments
Merce Crosas, Harvard – slidesvideo
RSpace electronic lab notebook: an inter-operable active data management tool forming part of the Harvard Data Commons, and plans for a pilot on NERC – Rory Macneil, RSpace – slidesvideo
The Open Storage Network, John Goodhue, MGHPCC – slidesvideo
What is FABRIC?  – Paul Ruth, RENCI – slidesvideo
Where is Ironic, and where is it going? – Julia Kreger, Red Hat – slidesvideo

Day 2

We are currently working on the slides and links below.

2:00-3:10 PMDeep Dives & Micro-talks III sessions
Deep Dive OptionsThe Open Cloud *FPGA* Testbed – Martin Herbordt, Boston University & Miriam Leeser, Northeastern University (location: GSU 321)
Open Data Hub Demo and discussion focused on Research Computing Facilitators and Researchers – Sherard Griffin, Red Hat (location: GSU 312)
OpenStack on CloudLab Demo and Tutorial – David Irwin, UMass Amherst (advance account set up recommended) (location: GSU 315)slides
Micro-Talks IIIChallenges and Opportunities for AI Industrialization – Hui Lei, Futurewei – slidesvideo
Bayesian Learning for Online Parameter Tuning of Complex Scientific Applications –  Rohan Basu Roy, NU
Hybrid Cloud Storage – Emine Ugur Kaynar, BU – slidesvideo
Impact of OS Design and Hardware Configuration on the Power Performance Tradeoff –  Han Dong, BU – slidesvideo
Using ESI in (De)-Centralized Environments: Why and How? – Sahil Tikale, BU, and Apoorve Mohan, NU – slidesvideo

4:00 – 5:10 PMDeep Dives & Micro-talks IV
Deep Dive OptionsHybrid Cloud Storage – Peter Desnoyers, Northeastern University (location: GSU 321)
OpenStack on CloudLab Demo and Tutorial – David Irwin, UMass Amherst (Advance account set up recommended) (location: GSU 315) slides
Micro-talks IV Providing fast and meaningful insights into enterprise datacenters- John Liagouris, BU – slidesvideo
A Just-in-Time Framework for Tracing Distributed Cloud  Applications – Emre Ates, BU – slidesvideo
Workflow motif: an  abstraction for debugging  distributed systems – Mania Abdi, NU – slidesvideo
Challenges and opportunities in large-scale stream processing – Vasiliki Kalavri, BU – slidesvideo
Fuzzing Virtual Devices in Cloud Hypervisors – Alexander Bulekov, BU – slidesvideo

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