Industry Luminaries Panel

March 2, 2020, 2:00 -3:30 PM


Linux, MySQL, Apache, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Hyperledger–some of the most powerful advances in the technology industry have come through collaborations of industry with academic and research organizations. This has been especially evident in the progress of free and open source software. What are the next use cases and market segments that open communities should be developing for? This panel brings together leading voices from industry, both technology vendors and technology users, who will share their thoughts on how to maximize the opportunity for shared value creation in the open cloud.


Matthew J. Adiletta is an Intel® Senior Fellow and the Director of the Systems Innovation Lab. Based in Massachusetts, he and his team of senior technical leaders are responsible to driving innovations for the Data Platforms Group.

Adiletta joined Intel in 1998 with Intel’s acquisition of Digital Semiconductor as the chief architect of Intel Network Processor Group. In 2001 he was named an Intel Fellow, Director for the Center of Innovation in 2010, and a Senior Intel Fellow in 2015.

Adiletta’s extensive technical contributions include, VAX processor integer and floating point units, an Alpha GaAs implementation, video compression chips, security camera analytics, and network processors, Atom™ processor SOCs, micro-servers and platforms, client compute cards, Bi-endian C-compilers, and encryption, compression, data integrity throughout Intel products

Adiletta has more than 170 granted or pending patents and is the author or co-author of multiple papers published in technical journals. His work has earned him two Intel Achievement Awards, the first in 2001 for IXP1200 network processor and the second in 2009 for the Intel bi-endian C compiler.

Adiletta graduated with honors from the University of Connecticut and holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He was inducted into the university’s Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame in 2005.

Mark Astley is Acting Head of Data Engineering at Two Sigma Investments.  The Data Engineering team provides a variety of data services including ingestion, cleaning, normalization and feature extraction.  These data services feed our modeling teams and help drive decision making in various investment activities.  Mark has been at Two Sigma since 2007, and has served as both an engineer and manager in a variety of roles including market data processing, trading system operation, storage services, and compute services.  Prior to Two Sigma, Mark was a Research Staff Member at IBM Research from 1999 to 2007.  Mark holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Gene Bagwell is an Associate Fellow in Verizon’s Technology Architecture & Strategy Group.  He serves as an in-house visionary and lead architect for the Verizon Cloud Platform.  He works to promote the adoption of cloud-native approaches to virtualizing Verizon’s network infrastructure using OpenStack and Kubernetes.   He is interested in new trends in virtualization technology and is an active participant in the telecommunications virtualization standards communities such as CNCF-TUG, and CNTT.

Dr. Stefanie Chiras is the vice president and general manager of the RHEL Business Unit at Red Hat. She joined Red Hat in July, 2018 and has worldwide business responsibility for the successful definition, execution and delivery of the RHEL product line. Prior to this role she was at IBM and was the vice president of offering management for IBM Cognitive Systems. As part of the Cognitive Systems brand team, she led the worldwide business for the systems portfolio, AIX, IBM i, LINUX, the system software portfolio and the cloud stack. Within that responsibility she drove the strategic implementation of transforming the portfolio to support both enterprise workloads as well as AI, ML and DL and ensuring the portfolio delivered leadership in both. Stefanie comes to Red Hat with a breadth of technical and business experiences. Her technical roles span silicon technology to system architecture, both Power Systems and System z processor design, and she has been a member in IBM’s Research Division, IBM Systems and Technology Group Development, and the Power Systems Brand.

Dr. Chiras obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University and then went to the University of California- Santa Barbara for her Masters and Ph.D. in Materials Science. Upon completion of her degrees she joined the Princeton Materials Institute of Princeton University in a research post doctorial capacity collaborating with the Mechanical and Aerospace Department.

Briana Frank, Director of Product Management, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software, directs the Product Management teams within IBM Cloud Developer Services. Briana lead the Offering Management and Design teams that built the IBM Cloud Kubernetes service in five months and now manages 10’s of thousands of clusters worldwide. Briana believes in creating exceptional experiences that enable users to build and innovate using IBM Cloud. Briana builds high performance teams that make data driven decisions.


Jonathan Bryce, who has spent his career building the cloud, is Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation.  Previously he was a founder of The Rackspace Cloud.

He started his career working as a web developer for Rackspace, and during his tenure, he and co-worker Todd Morey had a vision to build a sophisticated web hosting environment where users and businesses alike could turn to design, develop and deploy their ideal web site – all without being responsible for procuring the technology, installing it or making sure it is built to be always available. This vision became The Rackspace Cloud. Since then he has been a major driver of OpenStack, the open source cloud software initiative.

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