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Want to accelerate discovery and innovation? Join the MOC Alliance in creating a national, open production research-focused cloud. The MOC Alliance seeks founding partners to help create its organizational principles, governance structure, and strategy for engaging and onboarding other contributors. Industry engagement has been crucial to the success of the legacy MOC initiative, in particular, the engagement by its existing core partners (Red Hat and Two Sigma)

who have been instrumental to helping steer its direction and facilitate its growth. Founding partners of the MOC Alliance will be willing and able to provide similar guidance and support for the significantly larger scale and scope of the MOC Alliance, helping to ensure its ability to accelerate the pace of discovery and innovation in an open production research-focused cloud.

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To learn more about the MOC Alliance and how to
get involved, please contact Sophia Monkman

Sophia Monkman

Director of Corporate Relations

Boston University


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