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By Ken Rudolph / September 2, 2022

MOC Alliance Announces its First Distinguished Fellow Larry Rudolph

We are excited to announce Larry Rudolph as the first Distinguished Fellow of the Mass Open Cloud Alliance (MOC Alliance)....

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By Tara Moran / October 14, 2020

MOC’s Michael Daitzman to Keynote at Open Infrastructure Summit

Boston University’s Michael Daitzman, Director of Engineering and Product, Mass Open Cloud (MOC), will be giving a keynote on OpenInfra Labs (OIL) – a...

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By Tara Moran / August 14, 2020

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Mentor and Project Request

Students and alumni of Fundamentals of Cloud Computing at BU and Northeastern, (now known as CS/ECE 528 and CS 6620)...

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By Tara Moran / May 14, 2020

MOC User Survey: Action Requested

The following message is for all users of the MOC. Due to the success of the MOC, Boston University and...

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By Tara Moran / April 24, 2020

20202 Open Cloud Workshop Follow-Up: Ways to Get Involved

Despite the period of uncertainty since the workshop, we have continued planning and building on the momentum from the two...

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By Tara Moran / April 10, 2020

Seeking Developers to Help Our Community Cope with the COVID-19 Crisis

The MOC and MGHPCC are launching Computing against COVID-19 (CAC19), a website that connects people with projects to fight the...

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By Tara Moran / November 14, 2019

Exciting Developments in the MOC- Fall 2019

The MOC Project has always had three interrelated goals: 1. Creating a production cloud2. Enabling cloud research3. Enabling industry innovation...

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