NERC Tutorial

NERC Introduction and its Shared Services

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations and researchers are constantly seeking ways to harness the agility and scalability of cloud computing while maintaining control and security over their data. The vision of the New England Research Cloud (NERC) is to offer a regional resource, rich with suites of on-premise cloud computing services.

Tutorial Highlights:

  • Introduction to NERC and its core services: Gain a solid understanding of the vision behind the NERC core services and why they are essential in today’s computing landscape.
  • Use Cases and Case Studies: Explore real-world scenarios and success stories where academic institutions and researchers have adopted NERC for their research endeavors.
  • Hands-on Demos:
    1. Running LLAMA-2 on NERC OpenStack: How to run Meta’s LLAMA-2 Large Language Model (LLM) chat model on a GPU based virtual machine running in a Jupyter notebook.
    2. Integrating GitOps on NERC OpenShift: How to setup Cloud Native CI/CD Pipeline connected to the NERC’s OpenShift project.
    3. MLOps on NERC’s Red Hat OpenShift Data Science (RHODS): How to have end-to-end machine learning workflows run on NERC’s RHODS setup.
    4. Q&A and Networking: Engage in interactive Q&A sessions to share insights and experiences.

By the end of the tutorial, you will have a thorough understanding of NERC, on-boarding process, and its offered core services, and will also be able to apply this knowledge to your own research projects.

NERC User On-boarding Process


Eco Forecast on NERC

Open IoT

Smart Village on NERC

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