Open data hub demo and discussion focused on research computing facilitators and researchers

March 3, 2020, 2:00 – 3:10 PM
GSU 312

Abstract: This deep dive includes a demonstration of Open Data Hub, an open source AI-as-a-service platform, and how researchers and data scientists can use it for analyzing data and building machine learning models at scale.   We will follow up with a discussion focused on University Research Computing Facilitators as well as Researchers interested in evaluating large data sets with AI tools to brainstorm on how Open Data Hub can better help foster a collaborative environment to accelerate solutions to challenging problems.

Facilitator: Sherard Griffin is a Senior Manager at Red Hat. His primary responsibility is the architecture and development of the Open Data Hub, a reference architecture for building an AI-as-a-service platform on OpenShift.  Sherard is also responsible for the deployment of Open Data Hub in Red Hat’s internal data center where hundreds of gigabytes of data per day is processed, stored and made available to data scientists across the company for machine learning initiatives.  Additionally, he works with hardware and software partners to build out an ecosystem of AI technologies optimized to run on OpenShift as certified operators.

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