Quota Change Request Form

How to increase project Quota ?

If the default project resources do not meet your needs and you would like to change one or more of your project’s quotas, please let us know by submitting the Quota Change Request Form. Your request will be processed within 48 hours (excluding weekend) of when the form is received.

Please note that each project in the MOC research production (Kaizen) is assigned a default set of cloud resources as followed:

Metadata Items:   128
VCPUs: 20
Instances: 10
Injected Files:   5
Injected File Content (Bytes):10240
Volumes: 10
Volume Snapshots:   10
Total Size of Volumes and Snapshots (GB):1000
RAM (MB): 51200
Security Groups:   -1
Security Group Rules: -1
Floating IPs:  2
Networks: 5
Ports: 10
Routers: 10
Subnets: 10