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The MOC is being depreciated and moving to the NERC. If you’re looking to create a new project or account, please do so on the NERC.

Under normal circumstances, we will process your request within 2 business days.
This is the End User License Agreement referenced when you request to set up an account.
Follow along to see how to log-in properly.
Here is the link to access the MOC OpenStack Dashboard.

Select the university account. Click on Connect. You will then be asked to select your login provider:

If you are affiliated with a university, you should use your university credentials. Selecting University Logins will take you to CILogon, where you will find your University name and credentials.
Google is primarily reserved for MOC industry partners.
If your account was not created using Single Sign On, please fill out the password reset form to generate a reset request. 
To invite users to an existing OpenStack Project follow these instructions: Inviting others to join my project.

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