Reproducible Cloud

A core tenet of the Open Cloud eXchange model is the ability to reproduce and manage federated clouds. These projects feed directly into MOC operations and form the foundation for the Open Infra Labs and NERC initiatives.

Elastic Secure Infrastructure (ESI)

ESI encompasses work in several areas to design, build and evaluate secure bare-metal elastic infrastructure for data centers. Additional research focuses on market-based models for resource allocation. S

OpenInfra Labs (OILabs)

OpenInfra Labs (OI Labs) is the new effort established in partnership with OpenStack Foundation and Mass Open Cloud. OILabs is created with the goal to expand the existing community and simplify and standardize how different institutions deploy and operate open source cloud infrastructure and cloud native software.

Ways to get involved!

Six years after the MOC’s 2014 launch, the work done by the MOC team, its partners, and numerous collaborators has led to a much larger constellation of deeply connected initiatives in 2020 – driving the broader and deeper discussion at the 2020 Open Cloud Workshop. We are excited to be in a place where there is more opportunity than ever before to get involved.


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Showback/Charge back

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