Storage at Scale Group

Welcome to the Storage at Scale Group!

We are a team of researchers from Boston University and Northeastern University. Our group is led by Professor Orran Krieger from Boston University and Professor Peter Desnoyers from Northeastern University. 

Our group’s goal is to build distributed storage systems within and without a data center with focus on enabling users to efficiently access their data from any place in the world, across regions and institutions just as efficiently as if it is stored locally. We aim to build systems addressing real world problems collaborating closely with industry partners including Red Hat and IBM; many research projects are upstreamed and used around the world. 

We are associated with Mass Open Cloud (MOC), an active collaboration between institutions of higher learning, medical research facilities, governmental agencies, and business that offers the framework and resources necessary for close cooperation between research, development, and operations in a number of connected projects. This collaboration aims to promote domain researchers and, more broadly, public cloud innovation, by offering predictable low cost resources and facilitator support.

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