What’s New

December 2017:

  • OpenShift:

    The Mass Open Cloud is pleased to announce that we are making available to our users a new cloud service called OpenShift.

    For many users, OpenShift will be a superior experience because it provides convenient tools for building and deploying containers. Also, if your application is written to support it, you may add more resources to your application as you need them.

    OpenShift is a self-scaling container-based Platform-as-a-Service, based on Kubernetes, with support for most popular web frameworks and languages. It provides a simple to use GUI to build a container from source code defined in a repository like GitHub. Additionally there is integration with CI/CD, so you can easily adopt best practices for testing and deploying your code.

  • Kaizen:

We are pleased to announce to all of our Kaizen users the release of the GIJI, a new GUI project provides a simple user experience to our cloud users. If you are not familiar with or simply do not need to deal with the network configuration and security groups, GIJI is the interface you would like to try. With only a few clicks, you can launch an instance and SSH into the VM.

Please note: GIJI is an on-going project. Currently, it only launches instances in your primary project. In addition, we are currently working on all your cloud resources between GIJI and Horizon. Therefore, if you have instances launched through the Horizon, you won’t be able to view them in GIJI. However, everything you have done in GIJI, you should be able to see in the Horizon.

Please give us feedback and make GIJI a better GUI via using the Feedback & Support in GIJI footer. Or just send an email to: giji-admin@massopen.cloud. Any kind of feedback and suggestion are welcome.

  • One of our partners, Two Sigma has created an AI challenge, info can be found here.